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Knowledge and experience comes with age

With over 30 years’ insolvency experience, we have in-depth experience of most industry sectors:

  • Cargo airlines
  • Aero-engineering
  • General engineering
  • Building and construction
  • Franchised car dealerships
  • Hotels and leisure
  • Nursing homes
  • Media
  • PR and advertising
  • Sportswear and Textiles

There’s also been a merchant bank (not Lehmans!) and over 300 LPA Receiverships to date, including the wreckage of a certain Boeing 747 in Kuwait and a helicopter landing platform in the Sea of Sumatra.

Geographically, most of our work is in England & Wales although other locations include Australia, the United States, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Chile, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In short, we’ll work pretty much anywhere.

020 7580 6030